Bilder im Kopf - Portrait einer Wahrnehmung

For my bachelor thesis I designed a book dealing with Sequence-Space-Synaesthesia. It takes its point of departure in a private and peculiar habit of my mind: When I think of the week I see a circle before my inner eye. That circle is my spacial visualization of the week. For as long as I can remember, I have had this visual perception of time. For me the idea of the week as a constant circle is a kind of mental map that will never go away. Other recurrent sequences in my life have their own spatial visualizations too. These are the images in my head. The book is divided in two parts. A scientific part introduces the phenomenon on a theoretical level, while the second part includes interviews with people experiencing the phenomenon. The directory shows a visualized sequence of the content, but at the same time it is a sketch of the book, if you look at it from the side. For further information please klick the link below.

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