Perspektivwechsel - TEACHING

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Perspektivwechsel - TEACHING

My first teaching job was at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences. There, in summer 2014, I developed the identity for the final graduate exhibition in collaboration with a group of 15 students. The idea was to reflect the "Perspektivwechsel" ("change of perspective") that often takes place when we're confronted with new ideas and arguments. As we take in information—for instance, at the graduation show—we sort through conflicting opinions and ultimately revise our own ideas. This idea was applied in different ways to the exhibition catalog, the website, a poster series, and other designs, forming a broad identity that contains varied but linked elements. Natalie Gaspar, Judith Jakob, Sandra Hartung, Julia Berger, Theresa Kalinke, Clizia Moradei, Nina Slowioczek, Mareike Patzke, Lorenz Ludwig, Tanja Tröster, Carina Wurm, Alisa Hurskaya, Verena Bublak, Lena Gerbert, Judith Gösch

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