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Stadtaspekte, literally "City-Aspects", is a Magazine that regards the cityscape as an open space for urban culture in its many forms. The magazine focuses on the individuals, movements or directions that inspires new perspectives on how we can see our surroundings and understand this place we call our home. Photography, art, activism and social psychology are just a few of the topics that the magazine deals with. For Stadtaspekte, I created a strong visual identity that suites the quite serious topics but still looks fresh, modern, and approachable. After developing the logotypes, choosing main fonts and creating a website, the layout was the final step until the first issue was ready to print. To get an impression of Stadtaspekte and the people behind it have a look at the website. The magazine is available to order directly from their website: (I am not Part of Stadtaspekte anymore and just made the first and parts of the second issue as well as the website in the first place but I am not responsible for latest changes)

Art DirectionBrandingEditorial Design

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